Greetings and welcome to Everyday Samurai Life.

Everyday Samurai is a lifestyle company focused on personal empowerment and promoting human well-being.

This site was created to apply the hard-earned principles of Japan's legendary warriors to improve our own personal security and adopt a victorious mindset while contributing to a just, peaceful, and civilized society through the lessons of political economy.

A world that works for everyone is possible when each individual is empowered with the truth of their magnificence and tempered with the obligation to be in service.  Service is the root word of samurai.

We are here to serve humanity by living our best lives!

We are committed to helping everyone live their highest and best vision for themselves while creating a secure space in which to advance their interests with dignity for self and respect others.

Everyday Samurai serves customer needs with physical products and training media that provide practical means for securing life, liberty, and property.  The aim is to build resilient communities populated with self-actualized individuals that realize the benefits of cooperation and the division of labor to achieve personal and social goals; leading to a world that works for everyone. 

Applying universal principles through the disciplines of samurai-related martial arts, mind-body unification, and political economy we extoll the means of personal victory and social harmony.  We illustrate how the arts of war become the methods of securing authentic peace.  (兵法は平方なり)

Everyday Samurai is the result of over 30 years of Japanese martial arts study tempered by practical experience in military and law enforcement.

Ken Yamarashi is the pen name of the founder who began his military career as an Army Infantry scout before transitioning to the Air Force Reserve as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician.  He supported full-spectrum combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan by clearing roadside bombs, destroying enemy caches, and rendering safe improvised hazardous devices. 

He served as a law enforcement officer in rural south Florida with experience in patrol, investigations, counter-narcotics, and special operations in addition to securing the southwest US border as an agent with Customs and Border Protection. 

After 19 years enlisted, he commissioned as a military officer in 2008 and has since been involved with political-military affairs, strategic planning, and security cooperation in various parts of Africa, Europe, and Japan. 

He holds a Bachelors of Criminal Justice, a Masters of Strategic Intelligence and now lives in Japan to continue the study of Iwama-Ryu Aikido and the samurai sword of Tennen Rishin Ryu, among other disciplines, including Shingon Mikkyo Esoteric Buddhism.

The study of metaphysics, human action, the nature of conflict, and political economy reveals that securing people and their justly held property is is the basis of civilization, the sole purpose of government, and the best means for elevating the quality of life for everyone in the human family. 

The mission of Everyday Samurai is to awaken the consciousness of peace and prosperity as the universal gifts of freedom while offering practical means to realize these ideals in individual lives while upholding the dignity of everyone.