September 11, 2021

When hard decisions must be made, who will make them?  Who will capitulate.  Dr. Julie Ponesse shows she is a woman of character and courage who lives by what she teaches.

She is an example to all of us.  Watch this video of Dr. Ponesse using a life-altering challenge as a teaching moment. She demonstrates leadership in the face of adversity. She felt the fear and moved forward with what she believed to be right, and set the example for her students as well as the world.

We don’t know what our particular challenges may be, we just know that we will have them.  We train mind, body, and spirit so that we can rise and meet our challenges with capability, courage and commitment. 

Everything in life costs something. There are always trade-offs. As the economist Milton Friedman was famous for saying: There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

Which is more important to you, your job or your sacred honor?

When our fear dominates and we lose the courage of our convictions, we will suffer the haunting of regret over our lack of integrity.

Give these situations the rocking chair test: Should you live to be old and sitting in a rocking chair, how will you reflect upon your actions when challenges arose? Did you live your values? Did shrink in fear? Did you act in spite of fear? Did follow through on your intentions?

Let us all hope to demonstrate the fortitude of Dr. Julie Ponesse when it is our turn to take a stand.