December 13

Brecht Arnaert on Portfolio Structuring for Security and Prosperity

In an era of political law, one must build a resilient nest egg to create prosperity and preserve wealth. This means structuring your portfolio of assets in a way that minimizes risk.

Brecht Arnaert of MacroTrends recently teamed up with Global Gold to deliver some insights on portfolio structuring and investment that could help you tremendously.

Examining gold and other precious metals, as well as cryptocurrencies, private capital, and other assets, Brecht lays out a plan for creating a “value volcano”.

Take notice of how he plainly states if you can't stand in front of an asset and protect it with a gun, you really don't own it.

I know Brecht from the Property and Freedom Society. He uses Austrian Economics and practices what he preaches. This is presented to a European audience yet has global implications. It's well worth your time.
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P.S. We all know gold is money. Everything else is but a derivative. Holding gold that you can touch, feel, and protect with a gun is a big part of cultivating wealth. Get yours today with Silver Gold Bull.

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