April 29, 2020

Necessity will drive Europe to become more geopolitically aware and find a post-Brexit way forward amid pipeline politics and arms buildups.

A lot is going on in Europe. Some are looking to shake things up within the European Union and strife for greater self-sufficiency. Others will be leaving the union; still others will have to reconsider climate risk into their capital markets. While Europe becomes more geopolitically aware and independent, to the east of the continent, the situation is less amicable. Peace talks are frustratingly slow, new pipelines are coming online, and a strategic arms build-up is destroying the remaining arms control pacts. So, let’s filter out the noise and look to Europe in 2020.

Things are shaking up in Europe in 2020. #Brexit is happening, new pipelines are coming online, and a strategic arms build-up is destroying the control pacts.

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