December 4

Ep 47: Exposing The Discontinuities of Government, Part 3

Dr. Edwin Vieira on self-government, ending gun control, as well as the lockdowns, through full use of the 2nd Amendment and militia clauses.

Dr. Edwin Vieira explains how the Second Amendment, taken in context with the militia clauses of the Constitution, can put an end to modern gun control, while also putting an end to the COVID19 lockdowns.  The COVID19 pandemic has revealed gaps in the promise of self-government yet the Constitution already has the solutions.  The authorities already exist in the ‘supreme law of the land’ and by revitalizing local institutions, deemed necessary to the security of a free state, people and communities can decentralize political control so as to put an end to the creeping tyranny at the federal and state levels while simultaneously protecting the right to keep and bear arms.

This is a comprehensive, legal solution for restoring liberty, to ourselves and our posterity.  Yet self-government active civic engagement, not reliance upon politicians, bureaucrats, and technocrats.  

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