May 23, 2020

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Physical posture is much more than bodily arrangement.  Posture impacts physical health, mental awareness, and emotional attitude, as well as martial readiness.  Proper posture is essential to securing your liberty because it is the common thread between mind, body, spirit, and the body of all your affairs.

Posture is fundamental to samurai related martial arts but “kamae” is a comprehensive term that includes the physical body, relationships to potential opponents or environmental threats, in addition to the tools and resources at your disposal.  

Prevailing in conflict, or avoiding it in the first place, requires embodying a resilient posture and being well practiced with tactical breathing techniques is the best way to release stress, eliminate tension from the body, and elevate your situational awareness; so you can achieve optimal performance.  

Posture, in combination with deep abdominal breathing, is the quickest path to the flow state.

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Perfecting your posture, so you can prevail in all areas of life, begins with eliminating many of the Stress Adapted Postures we've developed over time.  The Primal Stress program from Scott Sonnon is specifically arranged to do exactly that.  As described in the episode, this is a comprehensive fitness program developed with the modern martial artist in mind.  

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Primal Stress

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