June 7, 2020

ED-Shi Podcast Cube

Continuing our conversation on physical posture as a means toward mental awareness, martial readiness, and personal success.  Body, mind, and breath form a cybernetic loop to reinforce personal empowerment so you can focus on creating what you want in life for yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

Posture, along with tactical breathing, is the quickest path to the flow state where we achieve superior cognition and skillful solutions to whatever we are confronting in life.

Empowered individuals, warriors armed, organized, and disciplined along the dual path of scholarly and martial arts, are necessary to the security of a free state.  Focusing on your posture is how you become resilient, potent, successful, and a net contributor to securing liberty.

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Your mindfulness practice should empower you to Rise Above present conditions, to see new opportunities and pathways of being greater than anything life throws at you.  Leverage this powerful tool to get the advantage.

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