April 25, 2020

Kikou (Qi Gong) is a great, quick way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, dissipate nervousness, boost your energy, and enhance your calm clarity so that you can perform your best.

You can practice anywhere. You do not need any special clothing, equipment, or facilities. It is best to be outdoors and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, yet this is not a requirement. Just doing the practice regularly is what matters.

Tremendous health benefits deriving from these types of practices are well documented.

Being able to quickly reset your energy is an essential skill for warriors and martial artists; to perceive situations clearly and find solutions to tactical problems of human conflict.

Those dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, especially military and law enforcement veterans, high-risk security or other first responders are especially encouraged to adopt this practice.

Dai Higan Ji (大悲願寺) temple practices the Shingi Shingon (新義真言宗) school of reformed esoteric Buddhism, located in the Bushu Tama (武州多摩) region. It alludes to the “great vow” of the Enlightened One to bring relief to all the afflicted. The temple has a long history of patronage from the renowned warrior leaders of the area and was visited several times by legendary Daimyo Date Masamune, whose letters of praise remain archived there.

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