March 22, 2021

Socialism yields murdering nurses, carrying out the extermination of people considered burdens to the state. Government ‘healthcare' under the Nazis offers a stark case in point. Watch this video.

National Socialists in Germany enforced social hygiene laws in pursuit of eugenics, a program to genetically weed out the population and breed the ideal society. Of course, in so doing, ordinary people were subjected to extreme rights violations, oppression, and expropriation.

When the state controls health care, doctors, nurses, and other medical providers become agents of the state. Rather than delivering medical services to their patients healthcare workers under socialism prioritize carrying out central planning policy. Obedience to the socialist party and program is more important than caring for the health of those seeking treatment.

The perversion of healthcare under German National Socialism illustrates how medical professionals become executioners when the state declares some members of the population undesirable. As the socialist management of resources inevitably leads to shortages (socialists always run out of other people's money to spend), there is an increasing need to reduce demand through oppression (rather than increasing production).

Another typical result of socialist medicine is the lying and cover up of state activities. The nurses under German National Socialism actually wrote letters to the families of their victims making up artificial causes of death.

These examples must be kept foremost in mind when confronting the agitation for greater central planning and interventionist authority in healthcare hereon out. Don't say “it can't happen here”. Germany was highly developed and cultured even as National Socialism took the German people down the path of destruction.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.