March 21, 2020

This episode will introduce you about our Ninja training and the requirements to become a Ninja.

Nindo course will consist of “Yo-nin” course and “In-nin” couse
(Yo=yin In=yang in Chinese)
You can choose either one or both course simultaneously at your choice.

You can learn the spirit and the history of Shinobi from the Yo-Nin course and the training technics and skills form In-Nin course.

Yo-Nin will be the ability of intelligence from physical contact. You will learn about the spirit, history and the knowledge of Shinobi from text.

In-Nin will be the ability of intelligence from stealth activity. You will learn about the skills and technics of Shinobi from actual actions in our dojo.

“Nindo” (way of ninja) is a program supervised by Master Jinichi Kawakami, known as the last real ninja from Koka clan to make this precious know how your own.
(Iga and Koka are the 2 most known clans for ninja)
It is a world first training program which certifies Ninja DAN (rank) by following and passing exams.

See what skills you can acquire from Master Jinichi Kawakami by subscribing our NINDO CHANNEL and start making this great legacy your own!!!


NINDO 3-Kyu license with A Day Ninja Tryal Program (April 2020 start)