April 5, 2022

Our friends at Bitboy Crypto illustrate the World Economic Forum's origin and designs for central planning at the expense of private property, individual liberty, and human agency.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international, non-governmental, lobbying organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, founded on 24 January 1971 by the German engineering and economics professor, Klaus Schwab.

The WEF plans for a Great Reset, along with the Great Narrative to justify it, is a regress to a state where private property is expropriated and held by the ruling elite and managed by a technocracy, is what amounts to, essentially, a new form of serfdom for commoners.

The scientific approach to justice reveals that only a private property legal order affords equality under the law. Indeed, the law that everyone can enjoy simultaneously, i.e., the Common Law, is simple and consists of two maxims:

Do all you have agreed to do. Do not encroach upon other people or their property.

This is the basis of contract and restitution-based criminal law. All further legislation is mere administration and management. There is little more to be done than apply the property standard to specific cases and determine facts, not the law. The law is already given completely within the two maxims.

Politicians cannot abide by the law and, therefore, must invent elaborate facades to justify encroaching upon other people and their property. Power is always about control and the object of that control is always a property right held by another.

The World Economic Forum is just one more propaganda outlet for socialism, a political system premised upon institutional hostility to private property. Be not fooled by the pretexts and promises, but stand guard at the doorway of your mind.

The principles of a free and prosperous society depend upon private property and the unhampered exchange thereof. This is something the WEF, and socialists of all stripes, cannot countenance. Therefore, conflict is inevitable.

The task of an enlightened warrior is to know your enemy as well as yourself, and then rise above danger in all of one hundred battles. The WEF wants to centrally control the world's resources, regardless of the suffering and impoverishment the dis-coordination of socialism creates.

The remedy is to fall back on the principles of sound political-economy: private property and the free exchange thereof, most notably in the exchange of market-based commodity money and arms, along with a free market to contract the security provider of your choice.

Under a private property legal order, in which individuals are empowered by a free market, especially in money and arms, the predatory designs of Schwab and his ilk would hardly see the light of day.

Know your enemy and prepare.