August 16, 2020

Shadow Gate reveals government surveillance and propaganda activities that should be highly disconcerting to freedom loving people of all political affiliations.

Two former military trained intelligence and psychological operations contractors reveal the nefarious manipulations shaping public perception and even political elections through government data mining.

Richard Maybury, in his Early Warning Report, has been predicting for some time that military grade cyber-warfare technologies will eventually alter the structure of government. Essentially, whoever holds these technologies will make the rules of how and who wields power, especially the power to tax.

The testimony in Shadow Gate shows that it has already happened. Not only are such tools engendering government corruption, the threats posed by cyber-bandits to hijack, hold-hostage, and collect ransom at key nodes of the internet will surely pose a revolution in security affairs.

Arresting a journalist coincident to the release of a major exposé usually attracts more attention. Millie Weaver was arrested at her home on allegations of burglary on the day this documentary was to be released.

Without knowing the details of the charges and evidence against Weaver, speculation is fruitless.

Nevertheless, the implications of what the whistleblowers in Shadow Gate reveal are something security conscious people must contend with.