May 4, 2020

Always ask, “Who's we?” Speaking on behalf of an abstract collective like “society” or “the people” is how aspiring tyrants justify their power grabs.

Sean Malone from the Foundation for Economic Education presents another outstanding expose in this episode of Out of Frame.

Captain America: Civil War was the first film in the MCU that successfully integrated real-world current events and important policy issues into its plot.

It hit on critical issues like warrantless surveillance, drone warfare, due process, and other fallout from the USA PATRIOT Act.

Fear pushes people to accept policies that they would never accept under less stressful conditions, and it opens the door for unscrupulous leaders to take control over people's lives. In 2001, the fear of terrorism drove the United States to institute a never-ending global War on Terror that radically expanded state power in defiance of individual rights.

These themes couldn't be more relevant today.

In the midst of a terrifying viral pandemic spreading across the world, politicians are quickly grabbing power, shutting down entire economies and standing in the way of individuals making choices that could play a major role in finding much-needed solutions to the growing health crisis.

These policies may seem like they are protecting people from bigger dangers, but we could soon be stuck with a cure that's far worse than the disease… just as we were 20 years ago.

Written & Produced by Sean W. Malone
Edited by Arash Ayrom
Asst. Editing by Jason Reinhardt



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