April 9, 2024

This film exposes the narratives behind climate alarmism, and the dark forces behind the politically manipulated climate science consensus. Written and directed by Martin Durkin. Produced by Tom Nelson.

It exposes the farcical climate change agenda, with scientists arguing that current temperatures are not unprecedented and that humans have thrived in prior warmer periods. It challenges the alarmist narrative by exploring historical temperature records, CO2 levels, and the influence of factors like cloud cover and solar activity on climate change.

The discussion highlights the financial incentives driving the climate industry and the challenges faced by those who question the mainstream narrative. It also addresses the impact of climate activism on society, the control of government over individuals, and the clash between environmentalist demands and the needs of ordinary people.

Political interference with science, industry, and private property instigates resistance and anger towards climate socialism that constantly requires ever-more sacrifices of liberty and prosperity from the masses, leading to protests and anti-establishment movements.