June 12, 2022

ED-Shi Podcast Cube

What does Will Smith slapping Chris Rock have to do with the 47 Ronin, Alexander Hamilton, or Miyamoto Musashi?  There’s a common thread weaving between these historical conflicts that present lessons on how principled warriors should settle interpersonal disputes.

A free society, characterized by private property and contract-based law, demands strict liability for making personal problems public.  Samurai tradition points to the rigid discipline required to operate successfully amid armed culture.

The further removed from the realities of combat, the more neglectful a population becomes and, therefore, the more inclined individuals are to unskillfully spew their unprocessed emotions onto others, creating negative externalities.  This leads to the uncivilized process unfolding today into what will ultimately become anarcho-tyranny.

Fortunately, the formula for restoring legal and cultural order is at hand: that the whole body of the people be always organized, armed, and disciplined in the martial arts and sciences.

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