May 25, 2021

Takezaki Suenaga, a daring samurai who survived two Mongol invasions sent by Kublai khan in 1274 and 1281, commissioned an artistic scroll of his exploits in order to petition the Shogunate for rewards.

While watching this short documentary from Kings and Generals, take note of Suenaga's entrepreneurial spirit. He charged into battle in order to make a name for himself because performing heroic deeds in combat was the way to become an “influencer” at the time.

Later in life Suenaga became wealthy through acquiring lands, sometimes through unscrupulous loans, and collecting donations from a shrine he administered. Yet he was always hungry for more.

The samurai of legend were not soldiers merely obeying orders within a bureaucracy. They were men of enterprise and ambition.

How can you channel that spirit to elevate your station in life?

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