January 17, 2020

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has publicly stated that average American citizens should not be allowed to own firearms and has also conducted a widespread campaign to influence political elections to this end through a network of organizations.  In doing so, Bloomberg should be prosecuted for inciting insurrection against the Constitutional order of the United States.

Constitutional Order

The Second Amendment to the Constitution for the United States declares the militia “necessary to the security of a free State.”  At the time of ratification, the militia was understood to be the “whole body of the people, except for a few public officials.”

The Constitution also designates the tasks of the militia in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 as executing the laws, repelling invasions, and suppressing insurrections.  For this reason, Congress has the responsibility, as per Article 1, Section 8, Clause 16, to arm, organize, and discipline the whole body of the people, except for public officials, to perform these tasks.  

Again, the militia, as inherently governmental institutions, are necessary to the functioning of a federated republic as designed by the Constitution and those that agreed to ratify it into existence.


It is important to note how the people themselves are acting as the final executors in the cycle of self-government when performing their civic duty to execute the laws of the union.  Leaving public officials out of the militia function is purposeful on at least two accounts.

Those holding public office may be otherwise tasked in the event of a crisis, such as invasion or insurrection, formulating policy and negotiating legislation.  For this service to the republic they may be excused from active participation in the field.  

However, and more importantly, once a citizen crosses the threshold between net tax-payer and net tax-recipient, or from producer and parasite, their incentive structure changes from jealously guarding liberty, as the Founder’s tried to do, into constantly seeking to centralize power, authority, and control over resources into the hands of the state.   

Cycle Of Constitutional Law Enforcement

We The People as Militia of the several States execute the laws of the union.

By having the people act as the executors of law they are able to ensure that all legislation that gets passed conforms with the letter, spirit, and intent of the limited and enumerated powers delegated to those elected or appointed to act as their agents, prior to it taking effect.  We The People are, in this constitutional law enforcement model, intended to be the ultimate check valve on the exercise of state power.

State Behavior

Since states claim a monopoly on the use of force and tax jurisdiction over a given geographic territory they are oblivious of the need to economize resources in pursuit of goals.  State agencies are notoriously inefficient and unresponsive to the preferences of the people they are acting as agents of because they evade the discipline instilled from market competition. 

Politicians and bureaucrats only see security and justice problems being solved with more resources taken from tax-payers and more authorities to make decisions over the behavior of the citizenry.  Whether their intentions are authentic and sincere or not can be set aside, at present, for the lack of market pricing and competition precludes rational economic allocation.

Even if they had the noblest of intentions, the inability to conduct rational economic calculation prevents politicians and bureaucrats from skillfully directing resources, on behalf of the tax-paying public, toward the effective production of security.

So long as states enjoy the monopoly on the use of force and tax jurisdiction over a given geographic territory politicians and bureaucrats will have no incentive to change their ravenous ways.

Power To The People

Even before modern developments in the science of political economy, those shaping the republican form of government found in the Constitution understood that politicians and bureaucrats could not be trusted with political power.  They deliberately diffused decision making authority to separate branches and levels of government so that variegated institutions would wield only limited and specified powers.

The Constitution for the United States of America offered no monopoly on the use of force and tax jurisdiction to politicians and bureaucrats.  By making politicians and bureaucrats dependent upon the militia, meaning the whole body of the people except for public officials, to execute the laws of the union, the parasitic political class was legally denied any such monopoly.

While the President may be the Chief Executive, the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, and tasked with taking “Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”, the actual execution at the local level is a matter for the militia to enact.  This structure is essential to ensuring popular self-government by preventing the rise of officials using the instruments of government to serve their own interests at the expense of liberty.  

This is why the militia are “necessary to the security of a free state”.  They are not optional, but integral to the maintenance of a well functioning republic of subsidiary free states and municipalities.  The Second Amendment, then, should not be thought of as a last resort against out of control officials or tyrants but essential institutions in the function of Constitutional order.

“By making politicians and bureaucrats dependent upon the militia, meaning the whole body of the people except for public officials, to execute the laws of the union, the parasitic political class was legally denied any such monopoly.”

Suppressing Insurrection

Michael Bloomberg is blatantly opposed to the Constitution in stating that only government officials should possess firearms and that average citizens should not.  He is calling for an end to the very institutions that are necessary to the security of a free state.  

Bloomberg is using his considerable wealth to undermine the Constitution by funding information operations and political campaigns overtly intended to infringe upon rights not only protected by the Second Amendment but also crucial to the execution of law in a Constitutional manner.  By calling for only public officials to possess the means of ensuring security and justice in a free society he is calling for the rise of a police state.

These actions go beyond mere political speech or legitimate discourse protected by the First Amendment.  He has built influence organizations specifically designed to corrupt the political order set forth by the Constitution and conspired to install rogue officials intent on infringing upon rights reserved to the people by the supreme law of the land.

By inciting this insurrection against the Constitution for the United States, Michael Bloomberg should be suppressed by the militia in each of the subsidiary jurisdictions he has meddled.  

The Constitutional solution to Bloomberg’s insurrection against basic human rights and the supreme law of the land is to call forth the very governmental institutions he is seeking to undermine. 

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