November 8, 2019

3 samurai full color

This video on "Messed Up Things You Didn't Know About The Samurai" is surprisingly well done.  It presents well documented, yet little known, facts about samurai culture, history, and political economy.  

The video entertains with snippets of some of the most popular jidaigeki samurai movies while the narrative provides fact based insight on unique samurai motifs.

These facts include, seppuku ritual suicide, the bushido samurai code, arranged marriages, tameshigiri sword test cutting, government imposed poverty, tsujigiri roadside attacks, Saigo Takamori's final battle against the centralized Meiji state, the kirisute-gomen right of cutting down and discarding any non-warrior who insulted a samurai, peacetime cultural rebellions with kabukimono and kyokaku street gangs, and how the samurai period came to a close.

Learning all of these interesting facts with a compelling video backdrop is definitely worth eleven minutes of your time.

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