January 3, 2023

Today, people have been swayed, through public education, mass media, and impious political discourse, into believing that they can get something for nothing; that government programs can be financed with artificial inflation of monetary units, that money is whatever Congress decrees, and that Federal Reserve Notes have legal authority. Nothing could be further from the truth, yet the elaborate tapestry of falsehoods propping up the status quo is, apparently, quite convincing.

Just as the right to keep and bear arms has been framed as being an archaic, irrelevant throwback to a primitive age with little relevance for a modern, sophisticated society, so too is a monetary system based on actual gold and silver relegated to a bygone era.  This is part of the ruse the political caste needs to keep the masses ignorant of the subtle ways in which law has been perverted into an instrument of plunder.

Those who make their living through spoils and taxation need a population that is ignorant and unarmed so as to prevent any cogent resistance from arising.  This is also why The End of Gun Control beings with awakening consciousness to the principles of political economy and seeing the Second Amendment as an pillar of practical constitutional function in a decentralized federation of cooperating polities.

The need for an armed, organized, and disciplined population, well versed in martial arts and social sciences, is essential to self-government and a subsidiary republic that delivers on the promises of securing rights without resort to aggression. Awakening this consciousness at the individual level is prerequisite to mobilizing in the political sphere.  The key to this awakening is education and influencing popular culture.

Awakening minds and influencing culture on the fundamental importance of an armed, organized, and disciplined society is why preventing government actors, along with secondhand dealers under political sway, from abridging the freedom of speech is so crucial. The framers of the United States Constitution also understood this importance and, accordingly, enshrined the freedom of speech, assembly, press, and religion in the First Amendment.

The ability to communicate, publish, and meet with others, according to individual choice, is an essential liberty.  Similar to the right to keep and bear arms, the freedom of speech is indispensable to securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.  Not least in
importance is the ability to communicate the social utility and essential civic duty of being organized, armed, and disciplined in order for each able-bodied citizen to contribute to the security of a free state.

It is consequential to remember also that the First Amendment, protecting the right to free speech, is in essence a denial of congressional authority to legislate in any matters regarding speech, assembly, publishing, and religion.  If Congress cannot legislate in a particular area, since all law making authority is vested in that body, then no other branch of the general government can hold authority there either.  Therefore, all federal departments, agencies, boards, and commissions involved in regulating communications must be considered null and void as well.

It then follows that political actors cannot subcontract with private corporations, including news or social media companies, to do abridge the freedom of speech on their behalf either.

The right to free speech and the right to keep and bear arms are inextricably linked.  Putting an end to gun control requires upholding freedom of expression for everyone.  Currently, tremendous effort is being exerted toward ‘brainwashing’ people against the right to keep and bear arms.

Indoctrination through public schools, corporate news, mainstream sports, television shows, and many religious institutions presents cultural biases against owning and actively carrying firearms.  These social institutions have largely been coopted as cheerleaders of centralized state power and present a major challenge toward reinvigorating the spirit of liberty and self-government.

Therefore, putting an end to gun control requires actively promoting constitutional self-government as a powerful message and compelling vision of the principles of liberty in action. The other side of that coin is to have the organized, armed, and disciplined population then ‘execute the law’ upon rogue officials that violate the right to free speech.