January 24, 2023

Nothing more aligns with the spirit of the American republic than separating from a political body that is destructive to the individual rights of life, liberty, and property in order to make new arrangements more conducive to peace and prosperity.

Yet, as the Declaration of Independence states, such drastic changes should not be taken for light or transient causes.  Conversely, one need not wait until the noose of tyranny is firmly around one’s neck before reforming or restructuring one’s elective security arrangements.  Securing the blessings of liberty, for ourselves and posterity, demands avoiding complacency in the tolerance of political abuse.

This understanding must be borne foremost in mind when championing the right to keep and bear arms. It is unfortunate that so many ‘gun rights advocates’ claim that the Second Amendment exists “just in case” government turns tyrannical.

Dispelling this false belief is one of the pillars of The End of Gun Control.  We The People armed, organized, and disciplined as local militia, in order to execute the laws, repel invasions, and suppress insurrections, is necessary to the security of a free state.  We The  People, as militia, are actively engaged in the maintenance of decentralized republican governance, not waiting for tyrants to make their abusive designs overt.

Waiting for a government to become tyrannical is far too late to mobilize along the three lines of effort that make the militia well-regulated: organized, armed, and disciplined (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15).

Of course, the population has been largely brainwashed into believing that “the government” is something external to themselves.  This is akin to reverting to believing in a ‘divine right of kings’ or the ‘right to rule’, where ‘special people’ enjoy privileges backed by the force of law.

The right to keep and bear arms (or any other form of property, for that matter) will never be safe so long as a privileged caste can arbitrarily determine what individuals are allowed to possess or own.  Modern gun controllers will continue to whittle away, using a death by a thousand cuts strategy, advancing along the micro-terrain of the political landscape, playing a game of inches, until all semblances of individual rights are erased, and every citizen is relegated to serfdom.

Security and justice cannot be left in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats if a ‘free state’ is to be maintained for ourselves and our posterity.  The belief in a monopoly on the use of force granted to a privileged caste of politicians and bureaucrats must be dispelled at every turn.

Fortunately, the mechanism for reforming government need not require violent revolution.  The real revolution requires an awakening in consciousness, such that the majority of the population recognizes self-government requires direct participation, not only in electing representatives to the legislative process, but being actively involved in executing the law.

Being the final node in the return circuit of legislative procedures situates We The People as the ultimate arbiter of what enforcement actions get carried into execution.  The US Constitution explicitly states that the militia executes the laws of the union (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15).  It is time to put this crucial component to work and fulfill the actual design of the republican charter.

While the President “takes care” that the laws are faithfully executed, the actual enforcement is done by the people themselves, through local and state institutions.  In this way, self-governance is coordinated throughout the federal system yet operates organically at the local level.

The people themselves, as militia, ensure that the legislation that gets passed through Congress also passes the faithfulness test. This nullifies any unlawful legislation that gets passed by what has become all too pervasive, corrupted representation.