December 20, 2022

Dwelling on the negative and railing against the errors, distortions, slanders, and outright deception spewing from gun control advocates, any longer than necessary to raise awareness, is a losing strategy.  Similarly, the terminology gun control advocates use to frame issues must be rejected, rebuked, and discarded.

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, one cannot solve the problems created by modern gun control using the same level of thinking that created them.

Creating a new future requires an evolution of thought that rises above the din and confusion, transcending the emotional, fear-based, dialogue in order to behold a clear vision of what putting an end to gun control will look like.  It is by putting this desired end state first that we can then map out a pathway toward realizing the objective.

For this reason, the principles outlined here focus on a positive solution to the problems created by offering a monopoly on the means of using force concentrated into the hands of a privileged tax-consuming caste.  This is the crux of the issue, and it is here that hacking at the branches of the supposed “gun control debate” must cease so as to strike the root.

The desired end state presented here is a complete and final end to gun control, to permanently remove the capacity of politicians and bureaucrats to infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms and, therefore, to completely neutralize gun control advocates so that everyone can live secure in their person, property, and liberty.

To do so, patriots and gun rights advocates must make certain shifts in the ideas and approach to asserting what are commonly known as Second Amendment rights.  Thinking holistically requires seeing the right to keep and bear arms as a necessary pre-condition to securing a Free State, and well-regulated militia as inherently governmental institutions with specific authorities and functions essential to the maintenance of a healthy, decentralized republic.

The legal remedies are already embedded within the United States Constitution and no further legislation is required at the national level.  The actions required are at the local level.  After all, ultimately, as former Representative Tip O’Neil pointed out, all politics is local.

Yet the real change must first begin in the minds of individuals championing the cause.  There are fundamental flaws in the way most Second Amendment advocates present their case that directly lead to the erosion of gun rights, as is currently manifest.

To end gun control there must be a paradigm shift, a revolution of the mind leading to changed behaviors that align with the desired future.  This requires breaking down injurious thought patterns and clearing away unskillful actions that have led to the present circumstances.

To get different results, more skillful thoughts, behaviors, and actions are required.

Furthermore, the endless bombardment of attacks is entirely too much to keep up with.  The American experience, particularly since 1934, has shown that it is impossible to swat away the constant nuisance of sensational media, showboating politicians, special interest groups, surreptitious regulations, and cunning legislation that have ground down the right to keep and bear arms.

It is wasteful, and damaging even, to expend energy trying to win at the games gun controllers play.

Therefore, The End Of Gun Control proceeds with a few basic themes to orient all other arguments and actions on securing a free state by restoring the right to keep and bear arms as a necessary component of self-governance.