December 20, 2022

This is not merely stating that individuals have a right to keep and bear arms, let alone trying to play statistical games about crime rates or the efficacy of concealed carry licensing.  All of those tactics play into the hands of gun controllers and aspiring tyrants.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is a “necessary” precondition to effectively operate governmental civic institutions with specific functions integral to a Free State.

On this there can be no compromise and anyone seeking to do so is not merely infringing upon individual rights but also undermining the republican form of government  foundational to constitutional order.

Adopting the approach outlined in The End Of Gun Control shows the efforts of those infringing on the right to keep and bear arms as incapacitating the only governmental  institutions deemed “necessary” in the entire United States Constitution.

It is time to start calling “gun control” what it is: an insurrection against constitutional, republican order.

Gun rights advocates who avoid embracing the Second Amendment in its entirety and ignore the militia clauses of the US Constitution are constantly fighting a defensive retreat.  It is time for this to stop.

If you want to see an end to modern gun control, it is time to take the high road, knowing that the cause is just, and the Supreme Law of The Land is on your side.

The high road involves a shift from arguing for an individual right granted by license from the State to one of acknowledging equality under the law grants no monopoly jurisdiction to a special caste of individuals who hold public office; that maintaining the security of a Free State requires an armed equilibrium across all citizens and thoroughly diffused political power.

Taking the high road also involves withstanding the slings and arrows of detractors.  There are plenty of agitators that will bear false witness in order to advance their agenda.  For entirely too long, there have been those that make false accusations, slander, and outright lie in order to instill fear, promote mass confusion, and propagandize a bias against gun rights.  This should be expected and remedied by holding fast to principle.

Shining the light of truth is the best way to make deceptive cockroaches scatter.

When the rights infringement propagandists call militia groups “anti-government”, the immediate response is, grounded in truth, that a robust militia system is “necessary” to the security of a Free State.

When the rights infringement propagandists say only government agents should have guns the truthful counter is that militia are inherently governmental institutions with specific constitutional functions and We The People are “the government” just as much as anyone holding public office.

When the rights infringement propagandists say “military grade” weapons don’t belong in the hands of civilians, the truthful counter is that the “whole body of the people” is required to be trained to arms so as to execute the law, repel invasions, and suppress insurrections (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15).

When the rights infringement propagandists point to violent crime statistics as justification for “gun control”, the truthful counter is to point out that the fault lies in the absence of the “necessary” governmental institutions tasked with “executing the laws”, and how all too many citizens are derelict of their civic duty to be armed, organized, and disciplined to contribute to the security of a free state.

Remember, those that try to limit the legitimate use of force in society to only the special caste of people holding public office are the ones diminishing the principle of equality under the law.  Indeed, they are the ones promoting inequality, lawlessness, and ultimate tyranny.

The increasing security and justice vacuum experienced today is directly attributable to a breakdown in constitutional order and the lack of active citizen participation in self-government.  The End of Gun Control is the solution to law and order in a Free State.

Bringing about The End of Gun Control involves not only asserting the right to keep and bear arms but, more importantly, putting the center of political power into the hands of the whole body of the citizenry; with no one being above or below the law, and little respite for those that choose to operate outside it.