June 3, 2020

A documentary about the nature of the monopoly on violence as well as practical solutions for overcoming the dysfunctions of the modern political state that has undermined the blessings of liberty.

Tolerating a distinct class of individuals in society that hold a monopoly on violence is incompatible with personal liberty. There can be no security of life, liberty, or property when a special caste enjoys government-enforced licenses and privileges to violate and live at the expense of others.

This is why the whole body of the people being trained to arms, organized, and disciplined to execute the laws is necessary to the security of a Free State; very different from a monopoly state seen virtually everywhere today.

Featuring interviews with: James C. Scott, David Friedman, Michael Huemer, Scott Horton, Stephan Kinsella, Max Borders, Thaddeus Russell, Tom Woods, Walter Block, Ron Paul, Joseph Salerno, Maj Toure, Andrew Napolitano, Bob Murphy, Mark Thornton, Ryan McMaken and many more.