April 15, 2022

The great Bill Whittle dissects the history and psychology behind the Great Reset's Technocracy program, revealing a history of social engineers seeking to control people and resources, through coercive manipulation, to enact a utopian world for themselves and a dystopian tyranny for everyone else.

The concept of rule by an elite class is not new. In fact, aristocracy and oligarchy are the historical norm. Human liberty and individual freedom are relatively new, extremely rare, and politically fragile.

Technocracy, the engineering of society through technical surveillance and control, is philosophically a reversion to the historical norm of rule by a privileged elite akin to the philosopher-kings described by Plato. Technocracy is central planning with advanced technologies yet signifies a return to serfdom.

Like all forms of socialism, no matter how fast, smart, or thorough the sensors or computers are that feed the system central planning cannot fulfill human desires due to the inability to rationally allocate resources to their highest ends in the absence of market pricing.

Private property, and the free exchange thereof on unhampered markets, is the only way to signal the relative scarcity of resources and goods against authentic consumer demand. Profit and loss is the only way for entrepreneurs and firms to understand if their productive efforts have satisfied consumers and, therefore, whether they have been good stewards of resources or not.

Therefore, central planning always fails to deliver on the promises of higher living standards for the mass of humanity, as will every attempt at technocracy. The only question is how much suffering, resource destruction, and impoverishment will unfold before the plan is abandoned.

That is a matter of culture, because politics is always downstream of prevailing political attitudes.

The solution, of course, lies in restoring private property to the center of the legal and economic systems. In such an environment, neither would the aspiring tyrants behind the technocracy movement have access to the financial resources afforded to them by fiat credit instruments, nor would their plans be feasibly implemented upon a population that is organized, armed, and disciplined to:

1) Execute the law. (Do all you have agreed to do. Do not encroach upon other people or their property)

2) Repel invasions (of personal or communal property boundaries).

3) Suppress insurrections (against constitutional order and local self-government).

Fortunately, the remedies that solve the heart of the problem are already enshrined in the ‘supreme law of the land'. It is only a matter of mobilizing the individual's will to make liberty, for ourselves and our posterity, the requisite priority.