October 2, 2020

Kyle Rittenhouse used discreet defensive force to stop the onslaught of several attackers and, rather than being hailed as a hero, has been vilified for it.

The footage compiled in this video tells the story the mockingbird media will not because it destroys their sensational narrative.

It is unfortunate that legislation has perverted law to the degree that people are alienated from their property. All rights are property rights and the first property is one's own self. Self-ownership then expands to all the material objects an individual obtains exclusive title to either through original appropriation or trade.

Yet under perverted, politicized legislation the sad, yet popular, phrase is ‘people before property'. This is absurd. There is no property without people.

Property rights are a social convention that enables people to interact without conflict by offering boundaries of exclusive use for a given resource. Through property rights people can recognize how and where they can act freely as opposed to when their actions will impose upon others.

Property is what allows for social harmony.

Yet the socialist mob wants to destroy property. First as a social construct and then in actuality. The video shows the wanton vandalism and indiscriminate destruction wrought by socialist agitators that initially prompted Rittenhouse to help provide the security tax-funded policing bureaucracies were failing to deliver.

As you watch the footage put yourself into that situation. Imagine it is your friend's business being threatened by rioters. Imagine trying to defend the property as the chaos unfolds. What would you do when attacked in that way?

Someday, we can all hope, scientific and universally applicable law will prevail and contracts, as well as criminal torts, can be analyzed using a private property standard (for everyone, including public officials):

Do all you have agreed to do and do not encroach upon others or their justly held property.

However, that day is a long way off and things will likely get worse before they get better. In the meantime, unfortunately, more warrior-protectors will face legal jeopardy for simply upholding justice as political-bureaucratic security providers increasingly fail.

Kyle Rittenhouse is just the first, among what will certainly be many, defenders needing legal, moral, and financial support if civilization is to prevail.

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