May 9, 2020

It is said among bomber pilots that you take the most flack when you are directly over the target. That this documentary preview has been actively suppressed by Big Tech and the mockingbird media indicates that it is a threat to the establishment narrative.

And for that reason, alone, it is worth watching and paying attention to.

The science of political economy studies the incentive structures of institutional arrangements to identify opportunities for maximizing wealth creation and eliminating negative or perverse resource allocations.

The political economist is not interested in personality conflicts, prior accusations, or competing virology claims, particularly as science gets increasingly distorted by political funding.

The COVID19 pandemic is taken as a given and the political-economy question at hand is how, and who is best positioned to overcome it. Included in this also involves identifying the problems associated with certain actors and courses of action.

Dr. Mikovits and this documentary highlight the absurdity of the “liberal approach” to COVID19 reporting guidance, as well as Bill Gates involvement in vaccine development.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a career bureaucrat who has been entrenched in the same position since 1984 at the head of an institute with no constitutional basis to exist in the first place.

Go ahead and search the United States Constitution for an authority for the general government to involve itself with medicine or health care. There is none. The authority in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8 is clear. The general government can “promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries”.

In other words, government can protect intellectual property and the initiatives of private individuals through copyright and patents. Yet, even this authority has become an outlet for abuse and the validity of government interfering with the free flow of information has been called into question by legal scholars, like Stephan Kinsella and others.

The potential for corruption, through regulatory capture and distortion of science through public funding, is enormous.

Indeed, attorney and republican theorist, Dr. Edwin Vieira calls these medical technocracies anti-constitutional and warns of the incestuous relations between administrative regulatory agencies and politically connected corporations to bring about increased despotism.

If for no other reason, Dr. Mikovits voice is of tremendous value because it reminds us that the bureaucratic medical establishment is a tremendous impediment to a healthy and free society.

Calling the documentary “Plandemic” is appropriate since it is central economic planning in the medical field that exacerbates problems while responding to pandemics and makes everyone outside the political caste less resilient.

While COVID19 might pose certain health risks, the real problem that needs immediate attention is the security of a Free State by executing the laws of the union to each component of the general government, particular its administrative bureaucracies, remain strictly confined to the scope and sphere of direct Constitutional authorities.

Only then can civic institutions, entrepreneurs, and market processes efficiently respond to pandemic threats.