May 12, 2020

Alberta is where the money is, where the youth is, and where skilled workers abound, compared to the rest of Canada that expects to tax Alberta's oil wealth into oblivion.

Competition from American shale and the Keystone pipeline will put an end to Canadian socialists from spending other people's money. Could this lead to an exit?

Peter Zeihan Prediction from 2015 playing out in 2019. Alberta is in big trouble and Peter Zeihan's predictions have bore out since he first made them. Will Alberta separate from Canada? I don't know…


We are a married, Asian Canadian couple in our late 30’s with 4 kids.

Nick is a Canadian Army Veteran and Software Engineer who loves being with his family and when time allows, to do competition target shooting (3-gun and tactical shooting).

Sammie is a domestic Mom, a former accountant and AirBNB hostess who loves to bake, cook, and care for her husband and children.

We are passionate about holistic health including diet, exercise, meditation, medicinal use of psychedelics and Christian spirituality.

Our 3rd daughter is autistic, and our path to holistic health started during our journey to develop her cognitive function to the point that she could be independent and high functioning.

Every night, we do guided meditations, subconscious affirmations, and post-hypnotic suggestions. This nightly practice has helped us both in our personal lives overcome mental disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

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