April 4, 2020

Aikido randori hand evasions with larry reynosa shihan back in 2006. This short clip shows how Larry Reynosa Shihan executes te-sabaki (hand evasions) during a randori drill taught at Lenny Sly sensei's 2006 seminar where he hosted Reynosa Shihan at his original kanazuchi dojo. Reynosa Shihan clearly demonstrates how to NOT get grabbed during this drill.

Te-sabaki is a staple in TenShin Aikido especially while training in randori practice.

The te-sabaki is also just as important while executing formal tenshin aikido waza and is the main stay for the tenshin aikido methodology of NOT getting PUNCHED, GRABBED, KICKED or TAKEN DOWN TO THE GROUND. Larry Reynosa Shihan was a long time direct student of Steven Seagal Shihan.