June 8, 2020

As though wielding a sharp sickle while swinging a metal ball at the end of a chain wasn't challenging enough, this samurai lineage engages with two sickles!

The very roots of the Nito Shinkage Ryu Kusarigama Jutsu date back to Miyamoto Musashi's famous Niten Ichi Ryu, from which the Shinmen Nitou Shinkage Ryu was founded by Shinmen Bensuke. The third successor of that school was Matsumura Yoshitaka, who himself fought at the front during the Satsuma Rebellion in 1877 and was known not also for his skills with the Yari and Naginata, but also Jujutsu (empty handed) techniques. He further developed the Shinmen Nito Ryu and changed its name to Nito Shinkage Ryu.

The fourth generation's headmaster was Nakao Ichiro, who was mastering the Takeuchi Ryu and Hokushin Itto Ryu of which he used certain points to perfect the Nitō Shinkage Ryū, changing its name to Nitō Shinkage Ryū. From then, the lineage was split into two different schools – one teaching the curriculum with the two swords, and one exclusively teaching the curriculum with the two sickles, resulting in the Nitō Shinkage Ryū Kusarigama-jūtsu presented here.

School: Nito Shinkage Ryu Kusarigama-jutsu (二刀神影流鎖鎌術)
Event: 43rd All Japan Kobudo Demonstration
Date: 02/02/2020
Venue: Tokyo Budōkan, Tokyo
Current representative: Hosokawa Takashi (細川隆)

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