March 14, 2020

Tennen Rishin Ryū was created during the 2nd year of Kansei (1790) by Kondō Kuranosuke Nagamichi. Not much is known about Kondō, except that he was from the Tōtōmi Province (modern days Shizuoka Prefecture). He wandered throughout the country, studied Kashima Shintō Ryū and went on to found his own school. Based on his intuitions and experience he created new techniques and teaching methodologies, which he systemised into a new fighting style. Tennen Rishin Ryū’s curriculum features Kenjutsu, Jūjutsu, Bōjutsu and Kiaijutsu. Despite being founded in the Edo period (1603-1868), Kondō’s system has been in fact heavily influenced by ancient martial arts.
Kondō’s entire Kenjutsu system assumes that your opponents attack with real swords, and one of its secret teaching to attain certain victory is to keep composure in front of any kind of enemy.
The meaning behind the name Tennen Rishin Ryū is as follow: “Do not go against nature, follow heaven and conform yourself to the laws of Earth; only then will you grasp the principles of the sword.”

The Tennen Rishin Ryū uses very thick wooden swords (around 1.8~2.0 kg). Practitioners are taught to put all their might in each cut and then give the “coup de grace” to their opponent. It is a simple swordsmanship system, devised for actual fighting: you subjugate the opponent with your Kiai and then quickly unleash your attack. The school’s curriculum also features Tsukakudaki, a combination of Iaijutsu and Jūjutsu techniques, and Kogusoku Miyoke no Kurai where techniques are combined with Bōjutsu.

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School: Tennen Rishin Ryū Kenjutsu
Event: 42nd All Japan Kobudo Demonstration
Date: 03/02/2019
Venue: Nippon Budōkan, Tokyo
Founder: Kondō Kuranosuke Nagamichi
Current representative: Hirai Masato (Sōke 10th generation)

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