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Firearms Policy: Second Amendment Groups, Individuals, Retailers Sue New Mexico Governor

BREAKING: Second Amendment Groups, Individuals, Retailers Sue New Mexico Gov. Grisham, Others Over Gun Retailer ClosuresAlbuquerque, NM (April 10, 2020) ­— Today, attorneys for individuals seeking to purchase firearms and ammunition, retailers, and advocacy organizations Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), New Mexico Shooting Sports Association (NMSSA), the National Rifle Association of America (NRA), and Firearms Policy…

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Black Pigeon: Orc Rights are the Final Boss of Virtue Signaling

Denying the validity and value of stereotypes is the height of folly, regardless of what politicians and academics proclaim from their ivory towers. Reacting to this absurdity, Orcposting has returned as a vehicle to mock Cultural Marxists and satirize globalist socialism that seeks to equivocate all values.

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Edwin Vieira: Three Discontinuities of Government Exposed by COVID19

Everyone is in the same boat with respect to the defense and maintenance of public health against the “technocrats’” incompetence, arrogance, and lust for power. Therefore, everyone has an interest in the revitalization of the Militia.

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