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Studying the science of how to use the mind for creating a victorious life.

Science And Spirituality Agree?

Can Science & Spirit Agree?

Can science and spirituality agree on individuality, human dignity, and freedom? We begin from the premise that each individual is sovereign over their own lives and is free to express themselves without fear of aggression so long as their actions do not encroach upon others.  In this way, the equal liberty of each individual acts […]

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How to change your luck

Zannen Kanji

The Feeling Of Luck Why did Dirty Harry Callahan say to the criminal “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky?” Why is luck associated with feeling? Why not ask if someone they think they are lucky? If you change your feeling state will the propensity for luck also change? It has […]

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Strategy Is Embedded In Language

Workings Of Communication

Language Delivers Thought Language is the carrier frequency of all logic, and strategy is the logical plan for achieving a desired goal.  In The Art Of War, strategy is the philosophic approach to realize policy on behalf of communities and nations.  However, as Peter Blaber points out in his outstanding book, The Men, The Mission, and Me, […]

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Death and Goal Setting

Spirituality is not necessarily a required skill for the warrior.  Neither is it necessary for goal setting or goal accomplishment. However, being grounded in a philosophical framework that helps one understand the nature of who they are, and what they want to accomplish in this lifetime, allows for accepting the inevitable mortality of human experience. […]

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Warrior Mindfulness Mindfulness is a practice designed to minimize the discursive thoughts taking place within our mental atmosphere and opening the field of perception to a greater sense of awareness.  Mindfulness practices have been developed over many centuries by the monastic, religious, and even warrior disciplines as a means of creating more choice in individual lives […]

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It’s All Energy

Embedded Energy The maxim learned in most elementary science courses teaches that matter can be neither created nor destroyed, it can only transform its shape or composition.  Einstein’s theory of relativity showed the world that matter is equivalent to energy in motion (E=MC2).  Further advancements in quantum physics reveal that there is but one source of […]

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