December 9, 2019

Modern science is increasingly validating what spiritual seekers have claimed for eons, that there is only one energy in all existence and it operates through vibration to mold forms out of its own universal substance. 

Below the appearance of form, at levels more microscopic than cells, atoms, and molecules, there exists a field of all pervasive energy.  Everything in existence emanates from this quantum field and all creation involves a process of vibration acting upon universal substance to generate distinctive forms.  Everything human beings can sense, along with all things beyond the range of human perception is but a manifestation of this action of vibration molding substance into form.

Spontaneous Creation

The Japanese creation myth described by aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba using word-spirit Kotodama theory begins with a blank cosmic tapestry in which a pin prick opens a hole from which the syllable “Su” emerges.  This primordial sound then changes its vibrational rate to form the various building blocks of matter and phenomenon.

Esoteric Buddhism, as found in the Japanese Shingon tradition, has a similar model based ancient Sanskrit syllables.  The unformed universe is understood a priori as a unified field that only takes shape through the action of vibration.  The syllable “A” generates and pervades the elements of earth, water, fire, wind, and space that compose the manifest world.

In Kotodama and Shingon practice chanting is held as an act of yogic unification with the creative process.  Since all creation begins with vibration acting upon cosmic substance, spoken words are a vehicle for human beings to participate in how the universe unfolds. 

The New Thought movement, from which all modern Neuro-Linguistic Programming, personal success, and self-improvement programs are based, also affirm the power of repeating words to generate conditions.  Affirmations are said to create affects within the individual, by programming their minds to orient on and exhibit desired behaviors, while also reverberating throughout the universe to attract rendezvous and resources. 

Vibration Reverberates To Infinity

The impact of intentional verbalization is on the individual as well as the universal levels.  Human beings exist in the universe while also identically composed of universal substance.  Therefore the universe is in the individual human just as much as humans are in the universe.  The two are one without separation at the level of the quantum field.   

One might criticize those that believe they can chant their way into a new Mercedes.  Certainly the wave of popularity for “speaking into existence” whatever one wants met great ridicule, and rightly so, after the movie “The Secret” took these ideas mainstream. 

Human action is required to create the kinds of goods that can satisfy biological imperatives and individual desires.  Transforming the raw materials found in the world of time, space, and form also requires physical interaction.  Dwelling only in the spiritual realm is not why infinite spiritual beings incarnate.  Playing this game is all part of having a human experience. 

Use Your Word To Raise Your Vibration

Yet Kotodama, Shingon, and New Thought allow human beings to play the game of life from a more holistic experience, to align with the cosmic flow, and access their highest capacities.  Knowing that mind, body, and spirit are all composed of, and one with, the totality of existence empowers you to sail through the waves of experience with the wind at your back. 

It all begins with recognizing that all of existence is one substance acting through vibration.  The building blocks of reality are malleable.  The founder of Shingon Buddhism conveyed that earth, water, fire, wind, and space interpenetrate the manifest world without obstruction.  At the universal level there is no resistance to change or transformation. 

While we mere mortals may experience resistance to change, whether it shows up as procrastination, lethargy, or even fear and anger, it is good to know that these too are manifestations of human action. 

The Void Offers Infinite Potential

There is nothing embedded in the fabric of the universe holding us back from being, doing, or having what we want in life.  It is all substance and vibration.  Therefore, everything is subject to the laws of cause and effect.  The path to creating new conditions begins with imparting a new vibrational cause.

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