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Everyday Samurai 03 Igensho: A Force In Being


Igensho: The Book Of Dignity, General Principals of Martial Art talks about the importance of maintaining a force in being in order to provide for the security of a free state, in line with the US Constitution and the Second Amendment (2nd Amendment). An armed population is necessary for enforcing law through self government that […]

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Everyday Samurai 02 Igensho: Martial Arts As Dignity

Today we go further in the Igensho: The Book of Dignity, General Principles of Martial Art with the author, Karasuma Kantaro. Arts like aikido, bujutsu, jujutsu, and kenjutsu are more than just combative systems, they are a means of enforcing social order.  The question is whether that order values individual rights or is merely the […]

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Everyday Samurai 01 Introduction To Igensho


Take a deep dive into Igensho: The Book Of Dignity, General Principles of Martial Art to see the larger purpose of training in tae kwon do, karate, aikido and other samurai related combat systems. Its not just about self-defense, but about upholding the principles of justice. Find out more from this conversation with the author. […]

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A Free State Demands More

Liberty requires readiness

Securing a free state Just what is a free state?  It is a state of being where people are secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects.  Conveniently this was clearly stated in the Bill Of Rights.  This is more easily summed up with the word property, whose borders form a convenient line from which […]

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Practical Brushfires

Revolutionary Ideas and components

Brushfires From Sparks  Everyday Samurai is in service to your liberty and the security of a free state.  We are setting brushfires of freedom, one spark at a time, and it all begins with you.   Are you ready to shine your light?  Today we are digging even further into Igensho: The Book Of Dignity, General Principles […]

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Iwama Embu 2018

Iwama Aikido Embukai 2018

Iwama Aiki Shurenkai 2018 Embu The Iwama Shin Shin Aiki Shurenkai, led by Kaicho Saito Hitohira, conducted their annual public “embu kai” demonstration in Tomobe, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan in June 2018. The video of Saito Kaicho conducting a variety of paired sword practices and sword takeaways illustrates the precise nature of aikido as practiced under his […]

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Strategy Is Embedded In Language

Workings Of Communication

Language Delivers Thought Language is the carrier frequency of all logic, and strategy is the logical plan for achieving a desired goal.  In The Art Of War, strategy is the philosophic approach to realize policy on behalf of communities and nations.  However, as Peter Blaber points out in his outstanding book, The Men, The Mission, and Me, […]

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Attack Cop Steal Gun

Toyam Police Officer

An attack where least expected Japan is considered one of the safest countries in the world, yet a recent case highlights that an attack can emerge when least expected. A 21-year-old former Ground Self Defense Force member surprised a police officer in Toyama, stabbed him, and took his revolver.  The attack continued as he went […]

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Europeans Evolve On Gun Rights

The civil unrest of the 1960s threatened many Americans, particularly those living in major cities, and the urban population was exploding. Rising crime and particularly armed violent crime shocked and scared voters, and for more than two decades the Second Amendment was the scapegoat — an anachronism, “misinterpreted” by “gun nuts,” deserving of repeal. Draconian […]

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Hear One, Know Ten

Hear One Know Ten

Hear One, Know Ten Anyone familiar with Japanese culture or has taken a course on doing business in Japan may be familiar with the phrase: hear one, know ten. This is normally stated as: 一言えば十をしる (ichi ieba ju wo shiru). The statement alludes to the situational awareness and social attentiveness, characteristic of Japan, that allows […]

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