October 15, 2018

Self Government

A Government Of Liberty

Want to glimpse how self government in a federal republic of free and independent States could function?

Self government is what The Enlightenment thinkers who crafted the US Constitution were striving for. Self government empowers individuals with opportunity, and the free space, to become fully self actualized.

Self government was the promise sold with the Constitution, so where did it go wrong and, more importantly, how could it function today? Restoring the potential of a free state is possible, using the legal remedies set forth in the Constitution. Yet it requires a clear vision.

See for yourself how the Second Amendment, when implemented fully, can bring about social harmony and resilient, crime-free communities that incorporate the wisdom of Sun Tzu's Art of War, Machiavelli, the founding fathers, and solid political theory.

Self government allows for radical decentralization and the security of a free state, a state of being where people are secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects. It is a state of freedom just as much as it is a description of a political unit, where the baseline objective is liberty under law.

Liberty is the common denominator where true diversity can thrive, where people work together for their mutual benefit and collaborate on “res publica”, truly public matters, leaving all else to individual choice.

Of course, there's room for collective action in a free state. The key difference in a free state is that social organizations are based on freedom of association. No one is compelled to be in a political unit without their explicit consent and no one is compelled to fund political initiatives against their will.

The key to self government, and the security of a free state, is who executes the laws of the union. Straying from the Constitutional remedy for executing the laws, repelling invasions, and suppressing insurrections remains the key flaw in American politics today.

Yet it does not have to be this way. The Constitution remains the law of the land and all legislation contrary to the limited and specified authorities established in the operating charter for a union of self government are rightly void and We The People are the ultimate arbiters of our political destiny.

Justice can be restored. Listen to find out what that looks like.


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