Ep13: Envisioning Self Government - Everyday Samurai

Ep13: Envisioning Self Government

A Government Of Liberty

Want to glimpse how the self government in a federal republic of Free States could function?

See for yourself how the Second Amendment, when implemented fully, can bring about social harmony and resilient, crime-free communities that incorporate the wisdom of Sun Tzu's Art of War, Machiavelli, the founding fathers, and solid political theory.

Self government is what The Enlightenment thinkers who crafted the US Constitution were striving for. Self government empowers individuals with opportunity, and the free space, to become fully self actualized.

Self government was the promise sold along with the Constitution, so where did it go wrong and, more importantly, how could it function today? Restoring the potential of a free state is possible, using the legal remedies set forth in the Constitution. Yet it requires a clear vision.


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