December 15, 2018

Real Progress

Of progress and its opposites

Real progress comes through deliberate human action working with natural resources to produce life-enhancing goods. This requires a legal environment that protects private property, repels invasions, and values individual initiative.

Samurai leader Hojo Tokimune defended Japan from the Mongol horde yet died tragically from tuberculosis.

Okita Souji of the Shinsengumi and the former dentist turned gambler Doc Holiday also died afflicted with tuberculosis.  

Tuberculosis did not even have a proper name until the mid-1800's and the bacteria wasn't even identified until the 1880's.

Progress is not automatic.  In fact humanity can regress, such as during war.  For example, war actually increases the incidence of tuberculosis.

Overcoming poverty and disease requires human action within a protected sphere in which private property borders are inviolate.  This is the purpose of law…and law is very simple when viewed through universal principles.  

Such principles also provide clear lines from which transgressions are readily discerned.  In such an environment, warrior-protectors know what to guard and when a violation has occurred.  

Law can be discovered through scientific inquiry.  This was what the founders of the United States Constitution were seeking to do while designing the new republic.

Political processes, such as log rolling and democracy, only distorts the simplicity of scientific law.

Ignorance of and deviations from the principles of scientifically verifiable law found in a private property social order is why so much dysfunction is manifest today.  It stalls progress and halts the march toward greater well-being.

Find out why, as well has how to achieve greater progress for all humanity in this episode.


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