December 20

Ep22: Awareness

Avoid Danger, Promote Justice

Capturing events on video brings critical incidents into our awareness like never before.  We can learn from an unfortunate tragedy and incorporate lessons into our training, so as to recognize the warning signs earlier, and hopefully avoid a similar fate. 

Having greater situational awareness, informed from the transferred experience of others, creates the space necessary to apply technique.

Skillfully prevailing in conflict requires being ahead of an adversary's decision cycle or disrupting it prior to their seizing the initiative.

Some call this being “left of bang”.  It comes from insurgent warfare and the prevalence of imrovised explosives, roadside bombs, and booby traps. 

Awareness Creates Space

We want to take action before the danger becomes acute.  This is what Sun Tzu called the highest form of strategy.  Situational awareness is the key component to the Art Of War.

Striking down an opponent before they can carry out their malicious designs is the ideal for a martial art that upholds individual dignity and secures the integrity of people and their property.

This also requires a legal environment that supports individual rights, based on scientific law.  The scientific principles of law are simple: Do all you have agreed to do (contract) and do not encroach upon other people or their property (criminal tort).  

Spreading awareness of authentic law and martial virtue is essential to restoring a peaceful and prosperous social order.  This is the rightful place of the scholar-warrior, the everyday samurai.

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