December 23, 2018

Defend What?

Resourcing To Defend 

How do We The People defend a free society or what the Constitution calls providing for the security of a free state?

While slogans can be somewhat helpful as a rallying cry, creating a vision of a more secure and prosperous world requires more than mere mantras.

It requires knowing what, exactly, to defend.

The devil is in the details.

Leaving these definitions unclear only invites corruption and the perversion of law.  One need not look far to see these perversions in today's headlines.  The insecurity and injustice manifest in today's day and age can be directly attributed to the disregard for individuals, their property, and law based on scientific analysis.

However, there is a way to clarity.

It's called rational calculation.  The science of political-economy is at the heart of defending a free society, based on the rule of law.

Law is very simple: Do all that you have agreed to do (contract) and do not encroach upon other people or their property (crime).

Legislation is something entirely different from law.  The only valid purpose of legislation in a free society is to explicitly express the terms of contracted services provided, and more importantly the costs, by governments to arrange the defense of a territory and its citizenry.

The only way to uphold a consistent and universal standard, to restore governments to their proper role and sphere of protection is through the clarity provided by property rights.

Property rights offer clear lines as to what is to be defended, how to know when a crime or encroachment has occurred, and who is going to pay for what.

In other words, using property rights as a baseline allows for scientific analysis of justice.  Respect for property rights and punishing those that transgress the rights of others, particularly their property, puts an end to the conflict created through a “great fiction” where everyone tries to use perverted law to “screw unto others”.

Restoring property rights to the center of legal and legislative thinking will cut through the delusion and distractions undermining justice and security today.

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