December 29

Ep24: Counter Abstraction

Corruption By Abstraction

Ascribing human qualities to abstractions, like society and the resulting yet illogical social contract theory, opens the door to corruption and abuse.  Philosophers have tried, and failed, to justify political authority using abstraction for over 2,500 years.  

It is thinking through abstraction that also subjugated humanity using the absurd ‘divine right of kings' idea.  From our present perspective, it is hard to believe that people actually fell for this nonsense.

Georgetown professor of philosophy, Jason Brennan, has written a book on the ethics of self-defense based on moral parity, where everyone is held to the same standards of behavior.  

When everyone is equally expected to respect one another the social contract theory falls just as quickly as the divine right of kings.  Defense of self and other becomes justified against all aggressors, regardless of political office.

Countering the fallacy of abstraction with the Precision Model of thinking demands specificity and affords greater understanding to everyone involved.  Adapted from Tony Robbins' book Unlimited Power, the antidote is a call for clarifying questions.  Demand clear evidence whenever someone tries to justify a policy or program.

Dispel Abstraction With Precision

Insist on knowing exactly who will do what, using what resources, at whose expense, and for whose benefit, whenever supposed ‘do-gooders' are at work.  Chances are they are looking to steal something and its usually from the public treasury.

The evolution of law and governance also requires greater precision and dispelling abstraction.  Justice requires specificity and explicit terms for contracted security.  

Property rights offer clear boundaries for everyone involved to understand when violations occur.  Clear property boundaries are the only antidote to the corruption of law and governance rooted in abstraction.  

Empowering Action

Enlightened warriors, steeped in the dual path of scholarly and martial arts, can uphold justice when versed in precision thinking and a private property based legal order.

The advance of communications technology, including social media, and even more so blockchain ledgers and smart contracts, will no doubt aid in bringing about transparent justice and governance.

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