January 10, 2019

grappling with reality

The Reality of The Times

Criminal tragedies in the first minutes of the New Year 2019, reinforce the seriousness of conflict in the real world.  Securing life, liberty, and property requires training founded upon reality, where consequences matter not only for individuals but society as a whole.

A culture that respects private property requires those willing to protect the boundaries of order.

Martial training needs to ever bear in mind Sun Tzu’s words from the Art of War: It is the way of life and death,  the ground extinction or survival.

Martial art grounded in the reality of human action and political-economy allows for the maintenance of law, the protection of private property that is so essential to human flourishing needs to be distinguished from sport fighting.

Sports are more attractive to spectators, sponsors, young and old, strong or infirm alike.  Sport fighting is more dynamic and exciting to be a part of.  It is natural to understand why they are popular and receive lots of attention.

Alternatively, combat training is by its very nature boring to watch and restrictive since significant rules need to be in place to prevent injury. 

However, in light of the reality of the times, the de-civilization process we are witnessing at the hands of welfare-warfare social democracies and globalist

Remember, the purpose of martial art is to preserve life, liberty, and property, even if that means violently rebuking transgressors.

In 1928, Kenji Tomiki wrote a letter expressing the superiority of aikijujutsu (aikido) to the sport of judo for the arena of ‘shinken shobu' where edged weapon combat with live blades determines life or death.

Reality based martial training, properly oriented on self-governance and a private property social order, must do away with a sporting mentality and focus on protection against armed aggression.


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