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Ep30: Incrementalism

Incrementalism is the gradual path of encroachment upon individual rights that leads to tyranny.  Before someone can exert their will over you they must first disarm you.  This is why there can be no compromise on the fundamental principles of liberty. 

Being well trained in the use of arms and actually having them in your possession at all times is an essential ingredient to securing yourself, as well as contributing to the security of a free state. 

Individually and collectively, a free society cannot allow incrementalism to erode the foundations of justice and the practical means of maintaining self-government.   

That a Free State offers no privileges to those that would live as parasites must engage in incrementalism and obscure their designs. 

All politics is based on deception. 

The political class must pervert law away from its real purpose of serving justice and promoting social harmony before they can exert their will upon their constituents.  They must confuse issues and pit groups against one another in order to divide and rule. 

Upholding the principles of justice are easy when you understand the simplicity of common law: do all you have agreed to do and do not encroach upon other people or their property.  A government orchestrated for this sole purpose, the protection of people and their property is inexpensive and noninvasive.  It is entirely opposite to the present experience with governments, the most expensive and invasive humanity has ever known.

There is a better way.  It begins by developing the your own dignity and self-mastery, grounded in principle and disciplined to bring forth your highest capacities.

This is why we train along the dual path of scholarly and martial arts.

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