October 21, 2019

ED-Shi Podcast Cube

The so-called deep state has leftist roots aiming at the centralization and control of political power.  This manifests as decision making authority of financial resources and private property at the expense of personal liberty.

All states tend to become deep by the very nature of bureaucracy, which is inherently plagued by the failures of socialism, an inability to conduct economic calculation and direct resources to their highest valued ends.  Therefore all bureaucracies are not only wasteful but also, in the absence of market competition and price signals, blind to the needs of the people they are supposed to serve.  Bureaucracies naturally transform into self-serving institutions ripe to advance leftist ideology and advance the deep state.

Leftist capture of key social and governmental institutions especially media outlets and education further grows the deep state through social engineering and shaping public discourse.  Rather than preserving liberty and encouraging free thinking, leftists, politicians, and senior executive bureaucrats look upon individuals as pawns in their master plan.  All of this is inimical to free thinking, entrepreneurship, and liberty.

Leftists and the deep state prefer an ignorant and distracted citizenry that they can tax, mold, and direct at will.  Yet government in the Enlightenment tradition is supposed to protect liberty and secure a free space for people to pursue their own happiness.  

In order to restore the proper role and function of government, all leftist designs must be resisted and the deep state must be undermined.  It begins with understanding the principles of justice and must translate into positive action.  Learn how with this discussion of history, current events, and the essential nature of martial art in the security of a free state.

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