December 3, 2019

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I had an interview with Pete Quinones on the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast regarding my article on how Military Flag Officer's Threaten Liberty. We discuss a bit of my backstory and how I became interested in political-economy as well as what to do about the threats posed to the “security of a free state” by the permanent bureaucracy.

Pete is also an editor at the Libertarian Institute and a dedicated promoter of a private property legal and social order.  We discussed in the interview how even a minimal state becomes a maximalist state and the lawful remedies already available in the Constitution that can neutralize this parasitic growth.

We visit some historical episodes where popular military leaders reduce nations to tyranny and how the framers of the United States warned against a standing army.  Even conventional military officers, including George Washington, endorsed a citizen-based militia system as the proper justice and security institution for a free society.

During this interview I lay out how the Second Amendment, coupled with the militia causes in the Constitution, is the ideal strategy to bring about a private law society.  In essence, I am trying to build a bridge between the works of Dr. Edwin Vieira and Prof. Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

If local popular militia were acting as the final check on what federal legislation actually gets enforced, while offering no assistance to officers of the Union on any unconstitutional acts, the United States would, in effect, consist of over three thousand self-governing ‘Lichtensteins’ and ‘Monacos’ cooperating on only issues of mutual security.

This is what a “more perfect union” in pursuit of “the laws of nature” could look like.  However, outsourcing security to politicians and bureaucrats, and allowing them to claim a monopoly on the use of force and decision making, coupled with the power to tax, is the slippery slope that turns a free state into despotic tyranny.

That is where the current trajectory is heading.  Self-government, the will to be free, requires full participation.  That is why Everyday Samurai is a Way of Life.  It is the dual path of scholarly and martial arts.

The security of a free state demands everyone be in service to their own security in addition to making a contribution toward maintaining civilization, characterized by non-aggression toward people and their justly held property.

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