March 10, 2020

ED-Shi Podcast Cube

Dr. Edwin Vieira contrasts immigration sanctuaries from those protecting the Second Amendment, differences in local sovereignty between the Dillon Rule and Home Rule, and how the Bundy Ranch standoff would have played out had Constitutional federalism actually been in effect.

Dr. Vieira's books include:

How to Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary: Outlines the Constitutional remedies available to deal with renegade judges.

Constitutional Homeland Security: The crucial role the militia of the several states play in the security of the United States.

The Sword and Sovereignty: The militia of the several states in practice from the US pre-colonial period through today, and why revitalizing the system is so crucial to restoring Constitutional federalism.

Thirteen Words: The first part of the Second Amendment as the antidote to modern gun control.

The Purse & The Sword: DVD presentation laying out the Constitutional system of political economy based on the two pillars of militia based security and gold and silver based money.

You can find his writings at  

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