November 3, 2019

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A recent opinion piece from retired Navy SEAL Admiral William McRaven highlights the threat to liberty posed by a standing army and the high-level bureaucrats that helm them in service to the Military Industrial Congressional Complex.

He and others cheerlead the descent into tyranny with calls to infringe upon the Second Amendment and even go so far as to call for the removal of a duly elected president “the sooner, the better.”

This should come as no surprise since military leaders have always historically been the ones that march their armies home after brutal campaigns to establish dictatorships.

Any officer that has made a career of the military has come to expect money, authority, and prestige to just flow to them by virtue of their status.  They expect their staffs to step and fetch for them.

They've been conditioned over a career to use people as pawns in their strategy games and they have been thinking in terms of controlling populations in the Global War Of Terror.

The US Constitution was specifically drafted to prevent a permanent military bureaucracy from arising.  The security of a free state requires the whole body of the people be trained to arms, organized, and disciplined to execute the laws, repel invasions, and suppress insurrections.

It is time to stand down the bureaucracies and the career bureaucrats that threaten liberty and restore the decentralized Constitutional institutions of local self-government.

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