May 11, 2018

Your physical condition has a lot to do with your readiness to deal with violent encounters.  You need a high degree of fitness to respond effectively in a crisis.  The body’s ability to deal with stress is enhanced through strengthening the nervous system, dissipating tension stored in the body, as well as elevating the capacity to do work. 

A commitment to fitness translates into combat power when its needed as well as a healthy, vibrant body to support a happy life over the long haul. 

Consider your workouts an investment in long term health maintenance. 

One super power from learning economics is the ability to see what is unseen.  Investing in fitness pays huge dividends toward reducing medical bills you would otherwise have gotten had you neglected your body.

Not only do you need to build muscular strength and cardiovascular conditioning, but you must also train the muscle groups to engage in proper sequence.  Doing this means we must tap into the primordial system underlying the body’s physical structure.

We’re not just interested in getting strong, but also making that strength functional as a capacity for persistent longevity, just as much as improving our ability to apply power during crisis. 

We must also dissipate stress stored in the nervous system that manifests as immobility and stiffness.  Our bodies most be free to the fullest range of motion before circumstances or opponents extend us out of our comfort zone in order to avoid injury.

This requires consistent effort and deliberate action.  However, most people do not have the time to do all these things while squeezing in workouts within the business of modern life. 

Busy people don’t have time for separate strength, mobility, stretching, yoga, and skill building workouts to fit into their schedule.

Fortunately, Scott Sonnon has devised the most intelligent workout on the planet, and one that taps into the whole body as a system, in a way that puts you in the flow of health and strength in under an hour each day.

 I’m a big fan of his Primal Stress program and I recommend it to you as a way easily adopt a fitness lifestyle while preparing your nervous system to deal with any eventuality. 

Best of all, you can do it anywhere, using just your body weight, and feel fantastic knowing that your whole body is dissipating stress, building resilience, and increasing the capacity to BE more. 

Workout with Scott Sonnon in this comprehensive program and you’ll realize your untapped strength potential.

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