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These are essential reading for creating a happier, more fulfilling life on your terms.

This is essential reading for knowing how the individual mind interacts with Infinite Intelligence in the eternal creative process, so you can make use the power of directed intentions.  The Science of Mind is a faith, a philosophy, and a way of (a more abundant) life. 

Water, which is a large part of our physical makeup, reveals our ability to affect matter with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  Dr. Emoto's work, showing the impact of intention on the composition of water crystals, is truly eye opening.

Dr. Wayne Dyer was on a mission to help people live more fulfilling lives.  He understood the importance of thought in producing results and outcomes.  The Power Of Intention shows you how to use your mind to create the life of your choosing. .

Intermittent Fasting

Living in the land of rice, noodles, and sweets of every kind makes avoiding carbs a challenge.  So I've decided to only eat one meal per day.  To tide me over, I make a fresh fruit smoothie mixed with the very best meal replacement powders.  This allows me to enjoy great meals, be sociable (not snobbish), and actually get more done during the day.  The best part of intermittent fasting is avoiding the afternoon energy crash.  Instead of eating lunch, I have a workout, yoga, or just walk.

Ori Hofmekler's Warrior Diet was my introduction to intermittent fasting and reading about his approach, using the warrior / hunter traditions, reminded me of the times in the field where I could do a mission for hours on end without even thinking about food.  Dealing with hunger, like all other physical signals from the body is, after all, a mostly mental game and focus is the solution.  

Why not apply that same mission ready focus to daily life, whether on a tactical operation or not? 

When you need to perform your best, mentally or physically, being weighed down with a heavy meal in your gut is not the answer, particularly for the security conscious.  A crisis can erupt at any time.

Stay hungry!  Avoiding meals during the day frees your time, unleashes creativity, and is very healthy!

The Vitamix is a workhorse and part of my daily routine for making meal replacement smoothies.  It easily handles the frozen strawberries, blueberries, and cherries that go into the shakes, plus its self cleaning.  Just fill it halfway with water, add a drop of dish soap and let it run on max power for a minute and clean up is simple.  I can get my shake done and all cleaned up in under ten minutes.  

Plus, on special occasions, the Vitamix makes fantastic whole fruit margaritas!

Right now, I'm using the 5200 for making all sorts of great things.  Mostly its the daily protein smoothie plus the occasional awesome sauce.  One of my favorites is the roasted red pepper four cheese Alfredo sauce.  Again, the self cleaning mode makes that sticky mess easy to handle.

I've got my eye on this new model that looks really powerful and dialed in for the digital age.  The old 5200 may be traded in for the A3500 pretty soon!

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