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Ep08: Engagements

There is no offense or defense, there are only engagements. Unifying philosophy, skills, and resources in pursuit of policy goals requires an integral approach. Learn how in this talk on the martial art of liberty & dignity. Learn how the components of awareness, readiness, and position empower you to efficiently transcend conflict with full engagement. […]

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Ep04: Force Organized For Freedom

Force For Freedom

How to Organize For Justice Free people must organize a “force in being” in order to preserve their liberty and ensure self-government.  Ends and means need to organize around a principle, or values shared by the whole community.  What costs are worth the price of justice? How do you decide? Who gets to decide? How are […]

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Everyday Samurai 03 Igensho: A Force In Being


Igensho: The Book Of Dignity, General Principals of Martial Art talks about the importance of maintaining a force in being in order to provide for the security of a free state, in line with the US Constitution and the Second Amendment (2nd Amendment). An armed population is necessary for enforcing law through self government that […]

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