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Liberty Doll: Is a Food Crisis Next?

Experts are warning of a “looming food crisis” as the coronavirus disrupts meat production, farming, and supply chains. #coronavirus #covid19 #foodcrisis My Patriot Supply: Prepping tips: —————————————— SUPPORT ——————————————- Patreon: SubscribeStar: Paypal: Bitcoin: 3FKmZtjgaPAFz3YGvDAdZVnBhA6TF9HDk5 Litecoin: MSw6yRktpJK7NnJZFE9jgozHbGWjJ7tsas ——————————————– AFFILIATES ——————————————– Galco – use code DOLL15 for 15% off your order!…

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Ep40: Dr. Edwin Vieira on Second Amendment Sanctuaries, Part 4

ED-Shi Podcast Cube

Those looking to secure Second Amendment gun rights as well as a libertarian strategy, an actual plan for practical implementation to restore liberty, should look to the works of Dr. Edwin Vieira for Constitutional principles and legal authorities already available to radically decentralize and put the power of purse and sword at the most local level.

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