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Ep24: Counter Abstraction

Counter Abstraction

Corruption By Abstraction Ascribing human qualities to abstractions, like society and the resulting yet illogical social contract theory, opens the door to corruption and abuse.  Philosophers have tried, and failed, to justify political authority using abstraction for over 2,500 years.   It is thinking through abstraction that also subjugated humanity using the absurd ‘divine right of […]

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Ep08: Engagements

There is no offense or defense, there are only engagements. Unifying philosophy, skills, and resources in pursuit of policy goals requires an integral approach. Learn how in this talk on the martial art of liberty & dignity. Learn how the components of awareness, readiness, and position empower you to efficiently transcend conflict with full engagement. […]

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Ep06: Question Assumptions

Why is questioning all your assumptions so crucial to success in life and combat? Find out as we delve into this subject with the author of Igensho. Get a free PDF download out of Igensho: The Book Of Dignity at: Pick up a tactical pen and get our training guide as a bonus: […]

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Everyday Samurai 02 Igensho: Martial Arts As Dignity

Today we go further in the Igensho: The Book of Dignity, General Principles of Martial Art with the author, Karasuma Kantaro. Arts like aikido, bujutsu, jujutsu, and kenjutsu are more than just combative systems, they are a means of enforcing social order.  The question is whether that order values individual rights or is merely the […]

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